Bad Hair Day (Plant Bug, Miridae?)

small boxy reddidsh brown true bug laying dead on its back

A fallen plant bug (Miridae?) rests on an ethereal white plane.

And his time with us was ended. By me, I’m sad to say.

You know, it’s never pleasant to find a bug ensconced in your hair, and probably doubly unpleasant when it surprises you by unexpectedly being where a bug should not be. So it was for me and our unfortunate little (I believe?) mirid plant bug. Itching a little scratch and I pulled out this tiny critter but pinched a little too fast, a little too hard.┬áMy first thought was TICK! But no, I didn’t think so. Still, it was too tiny to really tell, so to be sure I went to the camera (and maxed or near-maxed out on the magnification abilities of my regular set up; somewhere between 3 to 4 times magnification of life size). And there it was, a boxy, ho-hum, unobtrusive plant bug. In most cases I suspect being unnoticed serves these bugs well, but not this time.

small boxy reddidsh brown true bug laying dead on its side

A deceased plant bug (Miridae?).


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