Sluggish Return

A slug appears to eat on  a bright red-topped mushroom that has fallen over on to brown leaf litter. There is a big chunk out of the mushroom at the top of the shot, as well as irregular light-colored rails of light in the red, where something appears to have eaten.
Slug on a red topped, fallen over mushroom.

Well, it’s been a while, but not for lack of photographs to share. In recent weeks I’ve been touching up a lot of photos, many of family and friends so I may give them to said family and friends instead of letting them gather the figurative dust in the hard drive until the end of time, or whatever. Others are for the Interwebs, as BugPhoto is resurrected (again).

Some of them are pretty good I think, others a little iffy, so it goes, but I do want to note that, in the interest of developing a large number photos, I used a pared down editing process. After reviewing the photos, I noticed some muddied details, lost details in shadows, especially in black and white, and blown out highlights. It’s a compromise that’s fine I think for web publishing, although I hope to resume a more detailed and careful post-processing routine. I’ll be posting macro shots here, and other stuff, like street photography, people or dog portraits, architectural, whatever, etc., over at my other, even more neglected WordPress site: . A handful of shots might have been posted here or elsewhere before, but hopefully the new versions will be the best versions.

Thanks for stopping by, see you soon.


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