Red and Green (Strawberries, Fragaria sp.)

immature green strawberry with red and green achenes
A new and fuzzy strawberry.

More strawberries (see yesterday), with actual fruits this time! These are also festively-colored for the holiday (and forever in photographic reproduction). And as with the blackberry before it, I learned some things. Like the blackberry, in botanical terms, the strawberry is an aggregate fruit. The leafy cap the fruit attaches to is called the calyx. And those “seeds” actually aren’t seeds, but rather hardened tiny fruits called achenes, and they each contain a seed. There are your fruits. So what about the fleshy delectable part? I’ve seen it referred to as accessory tissue, a receptacle, and the cortex. I prefer the name that tastes the best (which is obviously sweet and tart).

Unlike the flower I posted yesterday, these plants are not wild, but cultivated and sold for planting in gardens and what have you. Several photos below of different strawberries. I hope you enjoy them. May your day be peaceful for all those who are and are not celebrating the holiday.

And to those celebrating, by the way, Happy Christmas. ;)

larger but still greenish strawberry with mostly red achenes
Big Boy Strawberry
two drooping stems and calyxes with barely visible strawberries
Nascent strawberries, green and hidden under their calyx hoods.
small light green strawberry on red stem partially blocked by out of focus leaf in foreground
Strawberry, obscured.
small light green strawberry on red stem with half red half green achenes
A not yet ripe strawberry.
pair of drooping calyxes one red onemostly green and fruits barely visible
Fruit lampshades: a pair of calyxes protecting those baby strawberries.

I made black and white versions, but I wasn’t really moved by them as a whole. Still, I thought it’d be a shame to go through the trouble and not share at least one. It’s the B&W of this post’s first photo.

immature green strawberry with red and green achenes
A new and fuzzy strawberry. (Black and white version)

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