Old New (Skipper, Hesperiidae)

close up of skippers black compoumd eye and orange-clubbed antenna runninf diagonal
Perfect reception from this calm skipper’s antenna.

In my effort to efficaciously exhaust all examples of my work, I’ve resurrected another series of photos lost in my WP media library. (Notice the old chunky watermark.) Skippers are pretty neat little Leps in general, but the antennae on this little one are spectacular.

For a tiny surprise, check out the photos below.

super close up of of skipper's hairy head and dark compound eye/
This skipper is a furry beast.
Dorsal view of tawny colored skipper with extended hook and clubbed antennae.
The hooked and clubbed antennae of a skipper make them unique among Lepidoptera (although I’m sure there’s an exception).

This next one has actually seen the light of blogging before, since I posted it a while back. I had edited the group of photos in this post at an earlier time than the version in the linked post. If you look and compare (no pressure, it’s really not that exciting), you can see the difference in white balance. Honestly, I don’t even remember why I re-processed it; these probably look better. But maybe making the old new again is what forgetting is for.

(P.s. I still get a kick out of that little fly playing peek-a-boo.)

A skipper at rest on leaves while a tiny fly peaks out from a leaf facing the camera.

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