Stuck (Fungus Gnat, Sciaridae)

seemingly stuck gnat on green plant tissue with white petal in background
A fungus gnat appears to have met its end on a rhododendron.

The gnat was not moving when I photographed it originally, which I presumed was a sign of death. The pink little tags on the green tissue are the mystery I am more interested in. I’m not really sure what they are: a fungus, erineum galls, some sticky part of the plant itself, or something I have no idea about. Fungus gnats can be gallmaking, but this is probably Sciaridae (I think), and that is not their modus operandi, as far as I know. I have seen something similar on different plants, notably tree leaves. A cursory internet search did not yield much, so I’ll have to come back around on this one, unless someone wants to give me a clue.


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