Little Stinker (Springtail, Bourletiella hortensis)

springtail hanging on a dandelion floret which is covered in bits of pollen
Like eating in a tree. Springtail on dandelion.

This springtail has an issue that I’m sure many dog people have encountered. The ol’ hanging chad. The plug they couldn’t pull. The swinging …stuff.  The poop that wouldn’t quit. Except it’s frass, and the springtails. I’ll stop there, and leave the rest to your imagination. (Or see below for more photos.)

springtail perched on dandelion floret antennae held apart with frass coming
Frass happens. The planet goes in yellow, comes out…close.
springtail climbing over a dandelion floret with frass still hangjng
Almost over the hump, but still carrying arouond the dirty burden
springtail feeding on a dandelion floret with frass still hanging from behind
“Doctor, it was an accident!” This little critter needs some more fiber in his dandelion or something.

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