The Gift of Omission (Boristhe spidera)

"Boris the Spider" sculpture at "Bug Museum Bremerton, WA" in front of store
Boris the Spider. As seen in Bremerton, Washington.

I have a nice picture of a lovely person posing with her favorite spider (Boris the Spider, if that isn’t clear), except it’s a little out of focus, so I am depriving her of BugPhoto fame. She’s probably devastated, on this day of all days, but life’s tough, kid — right?

Boris, on the other hand can’t be/won’t be denied. (More Boris below.)

"Boris the Spider" sculpture in front of bug store
Handsome fellow, Boris the Spider, as seen in Bremerton, WA.
"Nature Gift Store & Bug Museum" storefront with regalia of dragonflies ladybugs and "Boris the Spider"
Boris the Spider welcomes you to the Nature Gift Store & Bug Museum in Bremerton, Washington.

Happy Birthday, Samsie!


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