Not So Green (Long-legged Fly, Dolichopodidae)

small iridiscent hairy fly in the opening of a leaf
A long-legged fly, Dolichopodidae, in the fold of a leaf.

This shot was a bit of a challenge to edit. The fly is inside a curled up leaf (which is partially obscuring the legs), and this little nook of a leaf bounced the green light around when the flash hit it producing a color cast. The fly may still be a little too green, but I managed to tone it down to something more realistic by adjusting the RGB color curves. A consequence of that was an unintended desaturation; the eye especially looks dull to me. I couldn’t figure out a simple solution, and since I liked it enough already, saturation concern notwithstanding, I decided to pass on a detail- and time-intensive work-around with layers and selective editing. This time I’ll call it a victory against the oppression of perfectionism.


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