Two Drops of Red (Twice-stabbed Lady Beetle, Chilocorus sp.)

frontal view of black helmet-shaped beetle with two bright red spots
Twice-stabbed lady beetle, Chilocorus sp.

Somewhat surprisingly, I don’t have any twice-stabbed lady beetles posted. Not that I have had a ton of encounters with them, but it seems like I would have shared one by now. Well, today is the day. That shiny black exterior can be a little tricky, and the position of my flash created heavy shadows on the right side (as you’re looking at it). I tried to even out the light with some layer work, but it looked forced and awkward, too noticeable given the lighting in the rest of the photo. Anyway, neat little beetle, and you have to love those two little bloody spots and the name they inspired. (Also for the curious, substratum is a birch tree. Also, sorry, no silly jokes or pranks.)


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