On a Whim (Hover Fly, Syrphidae)

bee mimic hover fly on thin petaled flower with yellow center
A hover fly (Syrphidae) on an aster(???) flower.

When I run through my library to find something to post, this kind of photo doesn’t usually stand out: common subject, missing part of the scene (i.e. part of the flower), uninspiring background, and whatever else have you. But the flip side is — and this probably isn’t the best way to go about anything, really, but — the flip side is it doesn’t seem to “count as much.” Or: I have less invested in it. (My time spent post-processing this one would like to disagree.) It can’t be screwed up, and it can be played with. It’s really ridiculous as I type it out: these are digital images that can be redone ad nauseum. The only thing in my defense is, with this many photos, if you want to get to them all, especially the “good” ones, you can only go back so many times.

Anyway, that’s my long way of saying, I decided to mess around a little with this one and ended up really liking how it came out. It did have pretty great (unusually great for me) focus on a flat, top-down shot. The background was a bit of pain, because it didn’t start out completely black, but mostly with some annoy places to change between the petals. So it ends up counting a little more. (Well, if you want to play favorites.)


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