Love Perch (Hover Flies, Syrphidae)

bee mimic flies male on top perched at end of a blade of grass
Mating hover flies (Syrphidae) on a blade of grass.

Here’s an old one that I’ve tried my hand at a couple times. This version has to be my best result, but I can see one or two things that are a little off and one that is a lot off. I could’ve kept battling it; I knew it wasn’t what I wanted, but sometimes it is best to go onto the next one. On a different note, it’s kind of interesting that the male (I assume it’s the male on top) is larger than its mate. Most insects and spiders seem to have larger females than males, but it’s always nice to see something different. (Although come to think of it, males, such as with mayflies or march flies, have larger eyes (usually to help seek out mates, I think), but this fly still has a hulking thorax compared to the female. So yeah, let’s say it’s happily a little different.)


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