That’s Not a Brush (Planthopper, Thionia sp.)

green planthopper nymph with teal and orange markings and a bristly tail; on rusted metal
Issid what I think it is? A planthopper of family Issidae.

I am fairly certain this odd little creature is a Thionia sp.; which one is a little more difficult to tell, though I’m leaning T. bullata. (As always, I am a humble amateur, feel free to correct me on identifications.)

On another note, it’s interesting how this planthopper, like many insects, (caterpillars to moths, immediately come to mind) spend their “youth” in bright colors and unique forms while adulthood brings rather drab colors and the loss of any bodily accessories (like that awesome tail of bristles). And you know, when I put it like that, it almost seems like inviting a cautionary tale or a melancholy nostalgia in for tea and cookies. Which proves the old saying (that I am making up as I type): there’s always room for good cookies and a little anthropomorphism.


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