Retaking Flight (Hummingbird Clearwing, Hemaris thysbe)

hummingbird mimic moth half-hovering half-standing on purple flower while feeding
A hummingbird clearwing (Hemaris thysbe) feeding on nectar.

Last time I posted this shot, it was shortly after I had taken it, whilst traveling, and only had iPhoto on iPad to edit it. When I came across it again looking for something to post, I thought, “Oh, that’s the one I did a crummy edit when I didn’t have my computer!” It wasn’t that crummy, but my editing tools were limited, and the export process somewhat degraded the image. It probably isn’t as noticeable at the resolutions I’ve posted, but I think you can see some subtle differences. The one big difference — well, besides the crop —that comes through is the saturation. Might have overdone the reds some, but overall I think it really works better. (And no second walk through a bog this time; maybe that’s the key.)


2 thoughts on “Retaking Flight (Hummingbird Clearwing, Hemaris thysbe)

  1. Very nice shot. Several years ago I managed to run into a clearwing and got a number of good shots. A couple of years later I saw one at the Missouri Botanical Garden only about 10 yards across a huge flower bed. Had to walk a circuitous route to get to it and of course it was gone by the time I got there. I have seen one since.

    1. Thanks David! That’s always the way with bugs, isn’t it? For whatever reason hummingbird and snowberry clearwings are relatively common where I live. Luna moths, except for one summer where I saw about 7, have been the moth I’ve wanted to but haven’t seen most. (Well also I’m told there are Cecropia moths around here but I’ve only seen one dead specimen ever, no live ones.)

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