It’s My Lunch Break (Flesh Fly, Sarcophagidae)

grey fly with big red eye drinking from white-petaled yellow-centered flower
A fly (Sarcophagidae?) looks surprised (but isn’t) while feeding on a flower.

Kind of a nice simple shot here. The only trouble I had here was finding the right balance between the fly and the petals. I think it could use some more contrast, but I Instead of complaining about it, I decided to go back and fix the contrast (once I remembered there was a simple way to do it). I had a nice exposure on the fly to begin with, but naturally the petals were overexposed; that pure white can cause a lot of dilemmas when shooting with a flash.

Anyway, I keep looking at it, for final review, and I keep finding details I didn’t clean up. It’s another case of knowing when to persist, and when to desist. I usually screw it up, but oh well; onto the next.


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