Yellow Stripe (Fruit Fly, Eutreta sp.)

fly on leaf up close:red eye with yellow stripe and black wings specked with white spots
A fruit fly (Tephritidae, Eutreta sp.) giving some great side eye.

I didn’t have to do much post-processing on this shot. Exposure on the fly (if not necessarily the background) was very on point, and I decided against any sharpening. There’s only a small crop, which means a fairly high magnification. Might have been nice to get those strikingly speckled wings in focus, but they also blur very nicely. Neat fly overall, and one (or its kin) that I have only seen two or three times. (Not totally sure but probably Eutreta noveboracensis.) Thanks for visiting.


2 thoughts on “Yellow Stripe (Fruit Fly, Eutreta sp.)

    1. Thanks, David. says its habitats are coastal dunes and woodlands. I saw this one in a relatively highly-manicured state park, adjacent to both residential and more wooded areas. So I don’t think trash would be the place, but maybe a garden depending how close to the woods you are. Pretty neat-looking; I need to post a top down shot of the wings.

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