Beak Out (Syrphid Fly, Rhingia nasica)

fly with foreward pointing snout and proboscio resting on edge of leaf
The conspicuous “beak” of Rhingia nasica makes it an easy one to identify, if not to photograph.

Once you get within a certain radius, these Rhingia sp.flies are hard to miss. They look like they have a beak (and I guess they do). They’re not usually the most agreable subjects — the ones I’ve found like to play that game where they are perfectly still until you get to the point where you can focus. And then they fly off. If they’re feeding they don’t care as much and will focus on the task of stuffing their beak, so to speak. I don’t really remember, but this one might have been in between chow downs doing some cleaning up, so I managed to get a good opportunity. Unfortunately, those big eyes combined with the shallow depth of field to make it hard to impossible to get beak in focus with leading edge. Not bad though, if I may say so! Thanks for dropping by.


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