Home Is Where the Spider Is (Orbweaver, Araneidae)

orbweaver spider with brown and orange coloration, forelegs pulled up, resting on circular web
An orbweaver (Araneidae) is at home in the kitchen and on its web.

The little gnarly, creeping spiders — the house spiders and cellar spiders, I’m thinking of primarily — are nice to see patrolling the great indoors, but at the risk of cliche, the jumping spiders are my favorite; and we’ve had a healthy, recurring P. audax group wintering annually. Something I don’t typically see setting up camp inside the house, however, is an orbweaver like the one pictured here. And yet there it was in the kitchen with its handwoven magic, its silken homebase, up at the crux of the ceiling and a door. Not sure if that’s good living for the spider — most of the indoor web traffic goes through a modem, not a spider’s digestive tract — but a spider is always welcome.


2 thoughts on “Home Is Where the Spider Is (Orbweaver, Araneidae)

    1. Yeah, I got lucky with this one, the spider had settled on a good spot, and the combination of flash and indoor lighting really made the background shine. I only wish I could have had the web more visible at the lighter, right side. Not sure how one would achieve that…

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