Ready or Not? (Jumping Spider, Phidippus audax)

Big eyes and part of legs and palps peering vertically over a leaf
A Phidippus audax jumping spider peaks out from behind a leaf.

Sometimes, I just don’t want to bother…with computers. But as my photography is smack au milieu de la guerre, you know, being I make digital photographs, I must bother and be bothered. Being as I rely on open source and freeware programs, sometimes things get iffy. I am, if you haven’t been around here a while, a big proponent of GIMP, but in trying to, belatedly, upgrade to the newest version (2.10) I’m hitting some bumps. It’s a little too boring to get into, but let’s just say I feel like I’m in someone else’s workshop and while some of the tools are better, some are no longer available or harder to find or use.

Meanwhile, I can now edit 16-bit TIFF files, and wow, are they big files! I’m not sure for purposes of posting on the web it’s really necessary, and my ever-diminishing hard drive space tells me it’s not exactly feasible either. But this was my first go around, taking on an old jumper shot. I don’t think I’ve ever posted this one here, but maybe elsewhere on les Tubes d’Internet. Basic edits on this one, but probably a good way to ease into the new version of GIMP.

(P.s. Keep in mind this post was originally written in late 2018. Hopefully, I’ve figured out things by then, even if I haven’t updated scheduled posts accordingly.)


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