Grump (Rove Beetle, Staphylinidae)

a mostly black rove beetle in dirt and debris
The wicked glare of a rove beetle (Staphylinidae).

Rove beetles, like one of last week’s subjects, the silverfish, tend to be very active, but unlike the latter, rove beetles aren’t reactive to or particularly concerned with people. I managed a couple shots of this fairly large specimen, but their reliable hyperactivity is evident in the lack of sharpness of the photo’s focus. I tried to spruce that up in post-processing. (Notice the messy and characteristically-shortened elytra, a.k.a. wing covers.)

Another thing about rove beetles, at least the ones I am familiar with, is they tend to have a bit of a nasty look to them: an angry glare or unkind sneer. Basically a Monday beetle.


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