Black and Blond (Tachinid Fly, Epalpus signifer)

red-eyed shot of white of of spiky-haired tachinid fly
Blond and brunette: a head shot of the very hairy, tachinid fly, Epalpus signifer.

This fly could almost be a cactus, but it also sports that fulsome, blond beard, so maybe not? Add in the red eyes, white head, brown thorax, and black abdomen, and it’s quite a melange of itself. This particular individual was rather docile and inert on a cool, early spring day; it had found a spot on my work glove that it really liked and allowed me to take many, very close shots. A true friend to the macro arts. (Second, wider shot below.)

spiky-haired, red-eyed, white-faced with a black abdomen tachinid fly viewed from the side
The very (I mean very) hairy, hairy, tachinid fly, Epalpus signifer.

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