Best Tenant (Jumping Spider, Phidippus audax)

black jumping spider with yellow and white hairs resting on white vinyl
Phidippus audax jumping spider on the edge of the window.

As in the previous post, I am featuring one of the numerous shots of a quite regular subject, namely Phidippus audax. Apart from its endearing curiosity, large eyes, and beautiful green chelicerae, it also is a longtime resident in the home, sometimes even showing up around the year end holidays (when I am writing this, incidentally). So I have a certain fondness for “somebuggy” (why, I’m cringing so hard I can’t see the backspace button) that is always there for me. So welcome your spiders, they make good tenants, especially these jumpers. (See below for another shot of our friend.)

black jumping spider with yellow and white hairs upside down on white vinyl
Same Phidippus audax jumping spider, moved a bit and looking at the world (and the camera) upside down.

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