Green and Purple (Orchid Bee, Euglossa dilemma)

a metallic green bee hanging on a purple flower
An orchid bee, Euglossa dilemma, visits a purple flower for some nectar.

Color-coded as a villain, this photo is anything but treacherous! I’m not sure why this bee is the Dilemma Orchid Bee, but apparently after being identified as a different species of orchid bee, the bee experts realized their error and the result was this new classification. Anyway, I feel confident I have the correct ID for the current moment because it’s the only orchid bee on, and I shot these photos (additional one below after the break) in Florida which is the only state in the U.S. thst it has been recorded.

These striking bees weren’t too phased by my camera work and would fly out just slow enough for me to get tantalizingly close to getting in-flight shots with their amazingly long “tongues” (proboscises) extended. It’s all a blur (literally), and I don’t have the heart to talk about it. (Really wanted those shots!)

Bonus critters: this inividual below (probably different from the bee in the above photo) appears to have little white mites on the pollen basket section of its hind legs.

a metallic green bee hovers at the petals of a purple flower
An orchid bee, Euglossa dilemma, comes in for a landing on a purple flower.

2 thoughts on “Green and Purple (Orchid Bee, Euglossa dilemma)

    1. Hi David, thank you and apologies for my very late response! I’m just thawing out, and hopefully can get my much-neglected bug site back on track! Pupation took longer than expected this season apparently…

      (Ps. you know the funny thing about the purple flowers is…they naturally stand out, but I have a heck of time getting an accurate color out of the camera. The sensor is very iffy on purples and pinks at times.)

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