More Than Ready to Burst, or Too Late (Silver Maple, Acer saccharinum)

tree bud bursting with red stamens and anthers
Silver maple (Acer saccharinum) blossom

Well, my long winter — actually, autumn and winter — thaw, is over. The trees are alive with buds and blossoms, and the birds are chirping and trash talking (I assume). I’m working up the motivation to pull out the old DSLR, reverse a lens, and rig a flash, during this time of the modern day plague.

Unfortunately, I’ve already missed the closed portions of these beautiful silver maple tree buds/blossoms (see photo after the break or even better, this post), but the blossoms are out in full. And a couple of crocuses have burst forth. Things are Life goes on, even as it doesn’t for humans.

Fortunately, I have these seasonally appropriate photos in my photo bunker. Hope everyone is able to stay safe, healthy, and secure, and if not, I hope you’re recovering and/or getting the aid you need. See you soon.

(Bonus content: as I was just about to click “Publish,” a male deer tick casually jaunted across my laptop’s screen, blissfully unaware of social distancing or its impending doom.)

red tree buds with stark white lines
Silver maple (Acer saccharinum) buds.

3 thoughts on “More Than Ready to Burst, or Too Late (Silver Maple, Acer saccharinum)

  1. Nice shots and nice to see you back.

    This reminded me of the silver maples we had in my yard when I was in grade school. We had a big wooden picnic table by a couple and my friends and I would spend a morning or afternoon sitting at the table with our pocket knives making whistles from the young branches.

    1. Thanks, David! That sounds like a great memory… I actually tried to photograph the current season of silver maple buds and blossom but forgot how high the magnification of my lens is. Going to have to dig up another one…

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