The Photographer

Bugs still kind of freak me out. Just a little. I spend a lot of time taking photographs of bugs, as close as I can get to them, sometimes an inch or so away from those compound eyes, scaly wings, proboscises and, yes, stingers. I do it, because I find these creatures beautiful, fascinating, enlightening, bizarre and somehow, transcendentally, representative of the human condition. But when I was five years old, I had stepped on a bee’s nest and found myself in the middle of a swarm of understandably upset Hymenoptera. They stung me good.  In the interim between then and now, I haven’t been stung have only been stung once twice, and I did fall out of tree when a bug buzzed me (I was about 10 years old and 6 or so feet in the air). In college, I had a seminal moment, saving a wasp from my dorm window by capturing it in a cup and hustling down the hall and out the door. The heebie-jeebies were running up and down my spine like busy worker ants; I dropped the cup on the ground and couldn’t get back into the dorm fast enough. That was then (and then seems a long way behind me). Insects buzz me now, and I still jump here and there. And sometimes those are just harmless, clunky beetles. So I get why bugs get love in proportion to their tiny bodies: alien, repulsive and, sometimes, though not nearly as much as in the human imagination, frightening and dangerous. But if we look a little longer and a little closer, the pest flies away and there is a unique wonder in their forms, colors and movements. That’s why I photograph them.


Oh yeah…

My name is Michael Marlow, and I am a fiction writer and photographer. I have been shooting bugs for a few years now. My current camera is a Nikon D5000, and I typically use the reverse lens technique with a standard Nikon 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 AF-S kit lens. I also use a broken (no zoom ring!) Nikon 35-70mm f/3.3.-4.5 for bigger subjects. I also have an MPE-65 that I use in my dreams.


The Photographs

Visitors here will find close-up photographs featuring arthropods and other tiny critters (as well as an occasional off-topic shot) that hopefully will give a glimpse into the natural art of the bug. I also try to identify each featured bug and give a little helpful or interesting information, when I can. My modest hope is to increase the knowledge, appreciation and love of bugs with a little healthy exposure.

For Even More Pictures

I also regularly post photographs, mostly bugs but other subjects including the occasional non-macro, on my flickr page.



I’d be flattered and appreciative if you wanted to buy a print. At the current time, I ask that you please use the contact form to inquire about purchasing a print.


Copyright, Usage and Licensing

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If you’re interested in using my photographs for a project I would be happy to discuss it with you. If it is for personal, educational, and/or non-commercial use, I will probably only ask for a credit and link-back (when applicable). For commercial uses, including artistic models or derivative works, I will likely request a fee.

For usage of my photos, please contact me.

Regarding licensing, I have not at present worked out a policy for licenses specific to certain types of uses. So for the time being, I will proceed on a case by case basis.