Buy Prints!

Most images on are now available for purchase as photographic prints.1 High quality prints are available on lustre or glossy paper at various sizes. Under typical conditions they are rated to last 100 years of typical home display and longer in archival conditions.2

Some sizes require cropping; as this is an artistic consideration, I reserve the sole right to choose the final image; native sizes (typically in a 2:3 ratio, e.g. 8in x 12in, 10×15, etc.) are recommended, but I will be happy to crop an image for you to preview before completing a purchase if you require a cropped size.

At an additional cost, your print can be permanently mounted on a substrate of styrene.

Payment is accepted securely through PayPal; I will ship your prints to your confirmed PayPal mailing address. For orders of only 1 print total, there is a shipping fee of $7.50; for multiple prints this fee will be waived.

A Note on Colors and Faithful Reproduction: I make every effort to faithfully reproduce my images from digital to print form. I use a calibrated monitor and the appropriate sRGB color profiles between my devices, software and off-site third party printer. However, what you see on your screen may differ slightly due to factors out of my control (such as your monitor’s calibration and color profiling, ambient lighting conditions on your screen and/or the realized print). If you feel a print is egregiously unrepresentative of what you believed you were purchasing, please contact me immediately, and I will do my best to work out a satisfactory resolution.

A Note on Cropping and Final Print Output: Due to the nature of the printing machines used, it should be expected that the final print output will be slightly cropped at the edges of the digital image.


At the current time, I ask that you please use the contact form to inquire about availability and pricing.


1 Images are available for printing at my discretion; most often I will not make them available if they are only suitable for web publication or lower quality or personal in nature.

2 These are typical results as described by my off-site third party printer; actual results may vary, however, and cannot be guaranteed. Steps such as avoiding display in or exposure to prolonged sunlight are recommended to preserve the life of your print.